Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Sometimes I wonder...what if I never started this blog? How different would my life be? What would I be doing today? Right now, I'm sitting outside writing this blog post in the middle of a Monday (feeling like the luckiest bitch). If I hadn't started blogging, would I have spent 8 hours today trapped in a cubicle working for people who don't appreciate me?

This weekend I met for brunch with some blogging friends: Gina, Tammy, and Emily. We spent a couple hours sipping our lattes and talking about the most random shit. Seriously. Random. The kind of stuff that I would talk to my "real life" friends about. It made me realize that my blogging friends are also my real life friends. And if I hadn't started blogging.....these friendships wouldn't exist.
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When I started blogging I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know it would introduce me to so many amazing, talented women throughout the world. I didn't know it would give me the opportunity to go to Australia. I didn't know it would so positively effect my business. Blogging has helped this slightly lost mid-west-gone-west-coast-girl find her purpose. And all because I just sat down one day and....wrote. Without expectations.

I feel like in today's society, people want immediate gratification. They are so focused on quick results that it makes them miss the point. You've got to enjoy the journey or no one is going to want to enjoy the journey with you. 

The past two years of blogging has been one hell of a journey for me (I hope that shows through in my posts) and I have a feeling we are just getting started people!

How has blogging changed your life?

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  1. awww i want to meet up with you girls again!! miss ya!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. Blogging is an inner release, it free's my thoughts so I can move on to my next task or adventure. When people say they read my blog or I am so "real" and they can relate, it makes it all worth while of letting everyone get a glimpse of my inner crazy. It's that connection you can feel to someone when you read the blog. It's awesome.

    1. Allyson Christiansen9:11 AM

      It's called Kickin Asphalt, but my link wouldn't work. My blog isn't fancy or pretty.


  3. I love your reminder to enjoy the journey. Thank you for that!

  4. ive been following your blog for a long time (actually, since back when you sold paintings on etsy, if thats not totally creepy), and recently its really inspired me to start blogging again myself, and its been a lot more exciting than i thought it would be.

  5. I am so glad that you are blogging too! Your posts always inspire me. xx. McKenna Lou
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  6. so true! my blog has opened so many doors for me. without it, i too would likely still be stuck in a cubicle. it was great seeing you saturday - we need to do it again soon :).

  7. thank you, for this words! so true. you are a very inspiring person!
    i think i would never do so many creative things without those blogs all over the world.
    i stopped blogging one year ago, because i thought i´m not worth it. but today i started a new one. :)
    and… if i´m honestly: you are one reason i´ll give it another chance! :)
    i had a few "not-so-nice" experiences with blogging… but anyway… THANK YOU FOR BLOGGING! :))

  8. Anonymous10:39 AM

    I have made some wonderful friends through blogging! Also, it forces me to stop and ponder what's really valuable in my life. Before I started, I had no clue there was so much wonderful that I could share!

  9. I feel like blogging is more of an output for me. It lets me organize my thoughts and talk about memories I never want to forget. It's a great way to go back and realize how blessed you are.

  10. Blogging has definitely changed how I define relationships now. I have so many more "blog friends" that I do real life friends! My blog has been my drive, my outlet, and my baby. I can't picture myself without it now. :)

  11. I'm fairly new at blogging the way most people think of blogging, but I've had an online journal for years, since I was a teenager, and it's been such an important part of my life. In many ways it's been my only support system, it was there to keep my spirits up through rough times, it defined who I am as a person, my views, the things I value in people, the way I value myself and my work. I met my best friend online, and I can't imagine what my life would be without her, even if I've only had the chance to meet her in person once. But she's always there for me, even if it's over the Internet, and what a wonderful thing having someone you can talk to about anything and who's just *there*. I've always had social anxiety and trouble making friends IRL, so this is a huge deal for me, too.

    So, yeah. The Internet, my little corner of the world, the people I've met through journaling and the people I'm meeting through Etsy and blogging now - can't imagine not having that.

    - Lix / http://aclassicnotion.wordpress.com

  12. I'm glad you're my real-life-blogger-friend too :)

  13. I'm glad you started blogging, I've learned a lot from reading about your journeys. (I do think you're a lucky bitch ;p) Blogging has yet to change my life, but that is because I haven't taken the time to really do it. I have a lot of random photo posts and some rambling, but it is few and far between. Then again, had I not decided to try blogging I may not have gotten into reading blogs either.

  14. we would have missed out on a lot if you had never blogged! pretty awesome that you did. love seeing your talent and creativity!

  15. I have been blogging for over 5 years. I have met people from around the world during that time. In fact, I consider some of them to be good friends, even though we've never met in person.

  16. You should know that this post made me really happy, like really really happy. :)

    So glad I can call you my friend!

  17. This is SO true! Without blogging I'd have a lot more time on my hands but I also wouldn't have made so many amazing friendships!

  18. Enjoy the journey... Needed this little reminder! I've always loved blogging-- the community it creates and the creativity it inspires. I'll never go back!

  19. Amen! I'm so glad you blog too. =) And congrats on UO!

  20. How has it changed my life? I met you, didn't I? ;)

  21. You are so right! If I never started blogging, I highly doubt that I ever would have started a freelancing career and gotten to where I am now. It's crazy to think about.

  22. I can't believe we keep missing each other! I want to sip lattes and talk random shit!

    Ps. You're pretty inspiring, AND a lucky bitch!

  23. I'm a maths student and started blogging a few months back just as a way of breaking with so many logics. Now it's such a big part of me that I can't live without it!

    You're so inspiring and right! Enjoying the journey is the best part of this!

    xoxo Deborah



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