Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Picture An Hour

Jordan got a new camera for Etch's second shooter (aka: me) so yesterday I gave myself a Picture An Hour Challenge so I could get accustomed to the new camera and lens before our next job. It was actually pretty fun to try to think of ways to document my day! Here we go:
 8:00am: I started off my day with a cup of french press coffee. (Mug c/o Lenny Mud)
 9:00am: Jordan woefully said bye to my pajama-clad self as he left for work.
10:00am: Time for some breakfast. I have a thing for toast with avocado, garlic salt and pepper. Nom!
 11:00 am: By now, I started printing out the day's orders.
 12:00 pm: Still processing orders, while squeezing in a snack. (New obsession: cherry tomatoes, basil, mozzarella and balsamic. I have never liked tomatoes and now I crave this.)
1:00 pm: J came home for lunch and snapped a shot of me taking orders to the post office.
 2:00 pm: I did a little experimenting with dyeing fabrics (starting easy, turning faded jeans black again).
 3:00 pm: Break time! I threw the ball around the yard with Penny girl.
 4:00 pm: I stubbornly tried to sit outside even though I could barely see my reflective screen. I love the sun too much.

5:00 pm: I skipped a photo here because it was just more computer work. I started drafting a newsletter to send out in the next couple weeks. You can now easily subscribe here if you haven't already!
 6:00 pm: I started prepping dinner. Artichoke recipe here.
 7:00 pm: J and I worked out together (This is only Day 2 of this new routine. We will see how long it lasts!).
8:00 pm: A little bit of post-workout, post-dinner couch time before I started on this post.

That was so fun to share! I hope you enjoyed seeing an hour by hour recap of a standard weekday at JAA.

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  1. These are my favorite kind of posts, but I never ever remember to do my own. Maybe tomorrow.
    Your day looks so relaxed. I love it.

  2. loved this post! i keep meaning to do another one of these 'cause the last time i tried, i made it to 4pm. ha!

  3. Love this kind of post! Maybe I will try it sometime!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS penny's FACE and ears at the 7 p.m. photo. HAHA i love her

  5. The cutest dog I´ve ever seen!!! <3

  6. Awesome bike! Wish I could ride line but where we live its too busy!

  7. I used to love doing these and your pictures are so fun they make me want to do it again!

  8. OMG, Penny is too cute! I love that floppy ear :)

  9. Looks like the new camera works :) And I'm so buying avocados this weekend, I'm craving now lol!

  10. You've reminded me to try one of these photo an hour posts, thanks :) And those photos are stunning, that must be one heck of a camera!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  11. I love doing photo-an-hour post, like you mentioned - it's a great way to get used to your camera and lenses. Lots of really great photos here, but I have to agree with you about toast and avocado. A go-to meal for me. It never gets old! So good.

  12. Great idea! I've always liked seeing people post these, especially fellow Etsyers... I might have to try my own one of these days!

  13. I love the idea of a photo an hour. :) I might have to try this on my blog.

    Your dog is adorable!

  14. Your idea is really interesting. Very nice post and I love the pictures. Anyway Penny is so cute.

  15. Darlene5:23 AM

    Love the fact that J is wearing "Maryland" shorts FEAR THE TURTLE~!

  16. I love the 9 a.m. picture!

  17. What an interesting idea! May have to give this a try sometime:)

  18. I've been thinking of doing a post like this for a while now, but I just think my days are not interesting enough? :)

    You did great, I think it's so cool that you go to the post office with a bike, instead of a car or similar... And Penny is so adorable! Especially on the 7PM photo. :)


  19. great photos!! ive always wanted to do a picture a day -- altho i don't think my life is that interesting...

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. haha i meant a picture an hour!!

  20. I see you've removed the animal print from you bike! I like it this way best. :)I'm about to go ride my bike to the post office. It's sunny in Seattle! Woo!

  21. I see you've removed the animal print from you bike! I like it this way best. :)I'm about to go ride my bike to the post office. It's sunny in Seattle! Woo!


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