Monday, March 11, 2013

Fun Game Idea by Oh So Antsy

I have Jessica from Oh So Antsy here today! She's going to share a game she plays with her boyfriend that make a trip to the grocery store more fun. I really like this idea because grocery shopping is NOT our favorite thing to do. (Which is why our fridge is empty right now) Definitely going to give this a try! Here's Jessica:

"Wanna play a game? This is something that’s said in our house a lot, mostly by Walker (the boyfriend). He loves games and loves it even more when I agree to play. Right now Dominion and backgammon have been on heavy rotation.
For a recent date night (it was actual Valentine’s Day) we had a scavenger hunt at the grocery store. Here’s how it worked. I assigned him an appetizer and I chose the main meal. We both, secretly, wrote down what ingredients we needed and then turned each one into a series of clues or puzzles. Here are a few examples:
A couple of my clues:

1. I am red
2. I come in many varieties
3. I belong to a dangerous family

1. I come fresh or in a block
2. In some cases I’m considered stringy
3. I am white

(I needed tomatoes and mozzarella to make pesto pizza)
A couple of Walker’s clues:

1. A “sexy” veggie
2. “long” and “ridged” and “bumpy”
3. Good with gin

1. Sounds like a winter Olympic sport
2. My favorite colored tank top
3. These babies of the mama line up in a row
4. You wouldn’t want to “bone” this guy
5. One ugly swimmer

(He needed cucumber and salmon to make marinated salmon on top of cucumbers and blue potato slices)

Fun right?! We double checked each other’s baskets and headed home after checking out. We still didn’t know what the other was cooking until it was ready to eat - quite the mysterious dinner. I can’t wait to do it again maybe with some variation - what about a breakfast or a dessert hunt? Do you have any ideas? Come on over to my blog and share them!"


  1. I can't wait to hear how your scavenger hunt goes Julie Ann! I hope it helps to fill that fridge. Hehe...

  2. Wow that would backfire with me. For the first, I'd have gotten a red pepper and probably some sliced American cheese, and for the second, celery and nothing, b/c I'd have no idea what that was.

    1. That's great! Part of the fun would be getting some weird ingredients and then having to re-imagine the meal.

  3. That is the sweetest idea :)

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  4. Oh thats SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I would sooo be the WORST at this game haha. I am terrible with riddle type things. I'd probably be standing in the aisles for half an hour trying to guess one thing haha.

    1. There were a few that I did stand there completely confused. I almost bought salmon eggs instead of salmon. err. :) You can always have your game partner give you just a few more hints...hehe.

  6. What a fun idea! Though I'd probably get all the wrong things! haha

  7. ha! This is a great idea! Thank you for sharing with us :-)

  8. omg. lol. that's so cute! you know what would be even more fun? if you don't check each other's baskets at the checkout and have to work with what the other got. eheh. spice things up a bit. :)

    love, x
    blog | twitter

    1. Indeed! Next time maybe we'll take totally separate trips so we can get more hints or confirmation. Hahaha!

  9. Such an incredible idea! lol gotta try this x

  10. This sounds so fun!... I'm sure to add it to my list of "to try" ... :)Thanks for sharing


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