Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Guest Blogger: Wonder Forest

Hullo there!  When Julie asked me to hang out on her blog, I was like "umm, ok... amazing! I totally feel like one of the cool kids now!"  I mean come on, she's awesome, right!?  I'm pretty sure you can tell how excited I am to be here. Who am I?  I'm Dana and you can usually find me blogging over at Wonder Forest and creating cute things for my shop.
I am a web/graphic designer by day (and usually by night as well) and I have a guilty pleasure for watching home renovation shows. You can find me over on Pinterest pretty much every day, and I occasionally share some of my own makeup and hair tutorials there.  I'm a Canadian who is engaged to an American boy, and he is my absolute best friend in the entire world. In the past, I had been asked how I knew I was truly in love with this crazy American, and he was questioned on how he could just pick up his life and move to a different country for a silly girl.  The answer was simple really, and since Valentines Day is approaching I figured I would share the love:

Love is knowing without speaking.
Love is comfort.
It is crying in loving arms when you just need to let it out.
It is sympathy when feeling down.
Love is non judgmental.
It is not caring about your flaws. Love is raw.
Love is little moments.
Love is no makeup and sweatpants. Love is sharing private moments. 
It is sharing everything.
Love is sacrifice
and knowing it is ok to get angry.
It has special secrets and inside jokes.
Love is peeing with the door open.
It is being real. More than you've ever been real before.
Love is knowing that nobody is perfect, even you.
It is dancing obnoxiously around a living room.
Love is truth.
Love is letting loose. 
Love doesn't care if your legs are perfectly shaved every day.
It doesn't care that your hair is a mess.
It is knowing you have a best friend until the end.
Love is a two way street. Love is not perfect, but it is perfect for you.
It is unlike anything you've ever felt.
Completely crazy, unjustified love.

*sigh* love is beautiful isn't it? I hope you all come visit me over at the Wonder Forest and check me out here:

Thank you so much for letting me fill up your lovely blog with gushy love nonsense Julie!! xo Dana


  1. LOVEly post Dana! xo

  2. Awesome post Dana! I love both your blogs.


  3. What a great post. I love Wonder Forest. It was fun getting to know Dana better. :)


  4. oh you are too cute!
    totally checking out your shop & blog.

  5. Anonymous5:17 AM

    very nice blog!!


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