Friday, December 2, 2011

Shop Handmade

Ok, I admit it. I've been going a little shopping crazy lately. All on Etsy though, so I mean, at least I'm supporting my fellow indie business friends, right? And a lot of the shopping was done on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, so at least I'm attempting to be frugal with my spending.

But I just can't help it. Etsy is amazing. Etsy sellers are amazing. I don't know where they come up with these creative ideas, but they are so unique and brilliant, it's never-ending inspiration. I'm starting to get my packages in the mail and every single time I am in love with the item....pretty packaging, hand-written thank you notes, customer service you would never get at say, the mall.

Etsy sellers take pride in their product. They love what they do. They aren't working just to get a pay check. They aren't counting down the hours till their shift ends (in fact their shift actually never ends). They aren't trying to get you to buy some mass-produced, machine-made product so they meet their monthly quota. They care. They care about their business, their product, and most importantly, their customers.

I know first-hand that it is a special feeling to have someone purchase an item you made. I guess that's why I love buying spread that special feeling.

Some of my recent Etsy purchases:
This off-the-shoulder sweater from Lamixx is perfect to lounge around in but still look (and feel) cute! This was my fourth purchase from Lamixx and I love everything in their shop. Basic but sexy!
I got this stackable ring from Laonato and I'm in LOVE! It is exactly what I was looking for at a great price. I love being able to switch up how I wear each band!
Simple Tradition's sugar scrub is my favorite! It feels SO good on my skin. I went back on Cyber Monday and bought four more jars of it.
Love this shirt from ThePetiteChouette! This is what I'm talking about, using creativity to add extra cuteness to every day items. I couldn't pass up that little bear face!
I'm a big fan of SonOfASailor's entire shop. Their jewelry is right up my alley. I made my first purchase last weekend with this simple chevron bracelet.
I'm sort of a sucker for cute packaging so I had to pick up this adorable washi tape set from LittleHappyThings to package orders from my shop.

And of course I've been looking for Christmas presents for others on Etsy as well. Just can't share those on here. ;] Are you buying handmade this year?


  1. Thank you for all your support! Your shop is amazing and your card was just sent to a friend in asia! Happy holidays, love jacque of lamixx

  2. I LOVE handmade gifts. I'm buying a mix of store bought and handmade gifts this year. I love supporting local artists, and indie artists no matter where they are. I'm in love with that adorable bear t-shirt!!! I'm clicking over right now. ^_^

  3. I have bought about 80% handmade, and 15% I've handmade myself. The other 5% I cheated and gave in to ThinkGeek.

  4. I too have been crazily online shopping...and most of it has been on Etsy. It was hard to pass up all the black friday/cyber monday sales!

  5. Thank you so much Julie!!! I love that sweater!!!

  6. i LOVE son of a sailor stuff!! so modern and unique and pretty! and those animal shirts are soo cute!!

  7. I have had so much fun shopping for my family and friends on Etsy. I have found so many fantastic new shops, and I thank you for sharing these I have more new shops to enjoy :)

  8. thanks for this post! it's so true, both as a buyer and a shop owner.

    i posted it on facebook :) hoping others read it and get inspired to buy handmade, too.

  9. i loooove LAMIXX!! i have a few of their things too... :)

    i'm inspired also to buy handmade this year :) lots of great stuff out there!

  10. Great post! I fully support handmade and I also have an Etsy shop myself. This is a great way to showcase all of those great shops! :)

  11. Anonymous10:33 AM

    oh gosh. My obsession with Etsy is actually unhealthy. Like, going on that website is dangerous for me because I WILL buy something!

  12. Thanks for sharing these shops! I just found a few gifts that I'm getting ready to purchase! Thank you!!!

    I love supporting handmade, as a handmade seller myself ;)

    Erin from BloggingBuddies :)

  13. I wish I had the time to buy everything handmade, but by the time I get my Christmas shopping money it will be cutting it too close. I did buy one thing handmade though and it's probably my favorite thing I bought.
    I love that bear shirt! It's the cutest thing.

  14. thank you so much for your purchase, and sharing on your blog!

    i've been going a little bananas shopping on Etsy, too! and why don't they have a wedding registry? i am registering right now, and i swear i could find everything on etsy!

    anyhow, love your blog, and love the other items you purchased! (i'm totally addicted to washi tape!)

    best regards,

    jessica (+william)
    son of a sailor

  15. I couldn't agree more! Etsy is such a lifesaver when it comes go getting nice handmade holiday shopping done! Thanks for the share!

  16. umm i'm obsessing over all things lamixx right now.

  17. Oh absolutely! Etsy is where its at this year for holiday shopping - I couldn't agree more. The only thing that's difficult about it is resisting from buying things for yourself!

  18. just favorited all the shops. They are really awesome! XO


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