Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yellow Love

We've been having a lot of sunny days lately and it's really getting me excited for summer. One of my favorite colors this season is yellow. It's so bright and happy, I am just drawn to it.

This vintage skirt is soooo cute!

How sweet is this elephant?

Pretty hairpins!

This pillow would add some color to any room.

I love silk screened shirts like this.

Cute yet sexy dress!

I hope this Etsy Love post brought some brightness to your days! I have been busy busy with Etsy orders and consignment agreements for various stockists! Plus with summer in the air, it's just a very exciting time for me! Talk soon, JA.


  1. I love love love those bobby pins & yellow! its my favorite color :)


  2. i love love love (!) the last dress. so pretty and don't ask me why but this reminds me of a circus. and i am a circus fan! :D


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