Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Weekend

One of our usual weekend activities is bike riding. Our neighborhood is very bike-friendly and there are always yard sales going on to check out. I love where we live because we are within bike riding distance from everything! Stores, restaurants, a park, the harbor, the beach...it's so convenient. And it is a huge bonus that we can take the pup with us to wear our her energized little butt!

This weekend I also got to cross out a few of my June Goals! (#1: Do a doily DIY tutorial and #8: Give myself a pedicure!) I had some free time and remembered I should check my list for the month. It has actually been really helpful to have a written list because it's so easy to resort back to. I may have to do it every month! Have you started working on your June goals yet?

Had to show off my pedicure in my new shoes!! Aren't they cute? They are Madden Girl and I got a great deal. Love!


  1. First off, great pedi! Those shoes are also super cute! This post makes me want to grab my bike from out of the crawl space, Ive been wanted to for ages!! Have a great evening! xoxo

  2. I love your toe nail polish! So fun. :)
    Cool photos, too!

  3. Love the nail polish! So vibrant and so summer!
    I'd love to see closer look of your headband (yes, is that headband in the first picture?)


  4. cute! I have to know what kind of dog is that? it looks exactly like my friend's pound pooch!

  5. Those shoes are adorable. I just bought a bottle of spray paint in the exact same color as your nail polish, so cool.

    Moriah Bethany


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