Wednesday, November 12, 2014


 Lately I've been:

- Trying to find a new work out routine. I just recently stopped going to cardio barre, not because I don't like it but because it's just so expensive. Since I have developed a habit of working out regularly I want to see if I can discipline myself to exercise without a scheduled class. I'll keep you posted. ;]

- Looking for new Christmas ornaments. Any suggestions? I want some that are not, well, Christmasy. Nothing red. Nothing sparkly. More earthy and neutral

- Rocking my new Oh So Antsy earrings! They are hand-cut (Hand-cut!!! With a saw!! Boggles my mind!) state earrings, and I had to get one of California and one of Michigan obviously. I'm such a sucker for a unique stud earring and these are absolutely perfect for me. Want to snag a pair for a Christmas gift? JAA readers get free shipping with the code JAASHIPFREE. Aw shit!

-Trying to stay on top of everything. It's a busy time of year! Lots going on and I'm just doing the best I can over here. I use my busy bitch notepad every day and I have to say, it may be my favorite new product. Love checking off things on my list when I've completed them!

-Preparing for holiday shows! My first one is this weekend and as of today....I'm not ready yet. :] If you live in SoCal mark your calendar for these shows:

Oceanside, CA
Nov. 14+15

Long Beach, CA
Nov. 29 (11am-3pm)

Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 6+7

Los Angeles, CA
Dec. 13+14

Gonna be a busy season! Stressful and yet I can't wait! How are you feeling about the holidays? Ready? Stressed? Excited? xo JA


  1. Those earrings are SO cool! Love that they are hand-cut. I'll have to keep them in mind for my friends who move out of state and miss home. :)

  2. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Totally stressed for the holidays. Only doing one show though and that's plenty. I just want to sit and crochet and find time to spin.

  3. Try World Market for non-Christmasy Ornaments :)

  4. Such beautiful photos! The earrings look so cute on you and I love that you chose the 2 different states. Yeah!

  5. I feel like West Elm has been doing pretty good in the Christmas market this year. Also, my two states so far are Connecticut and Pennsylvania - I feel like the only thing that could be more borign than those is Colorado... I should probably move somewhere more... interestingly shaped.


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