Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Big Bear Weekend

This past weekend I headed to Big Bear Lake with J and my closest friends to celebrate my birthday. It's actually not till this coming weekend but I will be nerding out at Paper Camp then so we pretended I turned 30 a week early. It was so much fun!

J planned it all and let me just say, that guy knows me. He put this Michigan girl in a boat on a lake, complete with friends, drinks, and even fishing! I felt right at home. :]
 Penny girl stole the show of course.
Big Bear Lake is so beautiful. It is surrounded by tree-covered mountains. And I commented on the sky like ten times. It's just so blue and clear with the whitest puffy clouds! Just beautiful.
I felt spoiled the whole weekend. My friends went way beyond, with decor and cake, even a birthday tiara. I'm so thankful to have found great friends in California. My move here didn't start out easy but I finally feel at home, surrounded by people I love.

Next up, I leave Thursday for Paper Camp (I feel so dorky every time I say that) to get my ass all prepared for the National Stationery Show 2015. Yeah you heard me. Big goals in process for JAA. Wish me luck! xo JA


  1. Penny's cuteness KILLS me! So glad you had a fun pre-bday weekend. Good luck at paper camp :).

  2. Happy almost birthday, birthday twin! ;-) Good luck this weekend.

    1. P.S. My husband remembered how much I love your cards and bought one for our anniversary at the beginning of the month!

  3. Penny KILLS ME! xox

  4. Looks like a great time! Have fun at Paper Camp :)


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