Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Speaking at Blogging for Makers

Well. I did it ya'll! I faced my fear of speaking in front of people and delivered my speech at Blogging for Makers this past weekend. And actually, I think it went pretty well!

A couple weeks leading up to the event I wrote my speech and started practicing. I recorded myself. I even sent a sample video to a couple friends to get their feedback. I knew that the more I practiced, the more prepared I would feel. And therefore, the less nervous I would be when the time came to get up in front of those people!

It also helped that I was part of a panel that spoke right before I was supposed to speak solo. So I was already up there, and was able to get used to multiple sets of eyes in my general direction.
The time I spent speaking is kind of a blur but I know it probably involved a lot of hand gesturing and possibly some pacing. And, yes, the occasional swearing. Like I said, I feel good about it, and I really hope that the event's attendees did too.

I think that a lot of my nerves stem from self-doubt. "People won't like what I have to say." "They won't learn anything from little old me." Taking the opportunity to do this really challenged myself to stop thinking this way. It reminded me that I should be more confident in myself and what I have to offer people. That in itself made doing it all worth it. I would totally speak at an event again (ya hear that, SNAP?) ;]

This week I have been preparing for Renegade LA! Always a great show so I'm looking forward to it. Locals, will I see you there?? Hope so! xo JA


  1. Bet you did amazing! See you at renegade!

  2. Yay for facing our fears! I bet you were awesome. Good luck at Renegade!

  3. I just did this as well as a guest speaker at a university. (Eek!) And I know what you mean about being afraid that they won't learn something new. But you have such great, relatable advice on your blog, so I'm sure you translated perfectly. :)

  4. Omg! This is like my worst nightmare...public speaking. I'm an introvert, so this is not fun for me...AT ALL. I've had to do it, and still do sometimes, but so much energy goes into preparing and psyching myself up to do well. Congrats on your successful speech!


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