Friday, November 1, 2013

2013 Holiday Line

It has been quite a week! I basically lived in pajamas, barely showered, and slacked on housework to get this holiday line ready to GO! I know some of ya'll had to bug me a bit, wondering when the holiday cards would be available. I actually really appreciated it. Your support is what makes me love my job so much.
 Without further adieu, the holiday line is here! There's new single cards, a bulk set of 10 of your favorite holiday design, and the opportunity to upgrade to festive metallic gold envelopes! Today only, I'm offering a little something special for you guys. Feel free to take advantage of this deal, and also share with your friends and family if you think they'll enjoy it as well.
I'm off to Oceanside to participate in the Queen Bee Market today and tomorrow. And Sunday?? Hopefully doing absolutely nothing. ;] xo JA


  1. I am LOVING these. Thanks for sharing the 20% off.
    May have to order that "peppermint stick" for the hubs!

  2. Oh I love this collection!!! Your best yet Julie :)

  3. Great cards , I like the designs . Your cards are really good ... I lied ... they are amazing .

    Beverly |

  4. Love them!! Definitely ordering some soon : )

  5. I love the peppermentstick one but I would cross out like and put lick because that would be sooooo funny!!!!

  6. I love the new holiday line! I basically want all of them. The self-control one is definitely for me, personally. There are a couple I'd give to my significant other, too. ;)


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