Thursday, October 3, 2013

Show Prep

Dress c/o Fleet Collection, Shoes: Target, Clutch: No Rest For Bridget
I got some questions on Instagram about this bun hair-do. Wanna know the secret? It's a Hot Bun. Yes, a Hot Bun. Have you seen the commercial? J's sister ordered one and they sent her four so I got to snag one. Finally figured out how to use it last week and I kind of like it! 
In other news, I'm sitting on the couch next to Pen right now and she is dreaming. Her paws are twitching, her nose is twitching, she's making snorty noises. Oh, to be a dog.
I just finished folding stock for a San Francisco show this weekend. That's right, I'm headed back to San Fran! At Renegade SF I got to meet Brit of Brit + Co. She told me about an event her company is putting on called ReMake:2013. It is a 2-day event, part conference, part market. It is focused towards a more "techy" crowd than other shows I've done so I'm hoping to reach a different audience.
I can't believe it's in two days though. I haven't even start messing around with my display in the garage yet. That's a "must do" for today.
The other big thing that has been looming on my to-do list is holiday cards. They're coming, I promise, it's just taking some time to get them "right." Honestly, it's been hard to find design time to commit to. Sometimes I almost have to give myself a pep talk. Come on Jules, let's do this. Otherwise, before I know it, I've spent 2 hours pinning wedding inspiration. Oops. I have a feeling that is going to be an ongoing challenge until our wedding.
If you're in the SF area, come see me at Re:Make on Saturday! And if you're not, stayed tuned for an "events" update where I'll share all the shows I'll be doing this season. (I applied for too many, let's see how many I get accepted to!)
xo JA


  1. How cute are you in your mustard dress and hair bun? I love it and adore your cards:)

  2. GIRLFRIEND you look SO freaking gorgeous! This entire outfit and your hair - to die for!!!

  3. love that dress, and good luck at your show!

  4. First glance at your pics, I thought, wow look at her awesome hair!

  5. You. Look. STUNNING. Cannot believe that's a hot bun - I'll have to try them out now! Excited to see your holiday cards!


  6. Anonymous4:20 AM

    You look adorable. In the UK we call the bun things "Donuts". Good luck for your shows :-)

    I'm going to Regenade London for the first time this year, can't wait!

  7. You look amazing!

    And good luck in SF, hope it goes well and you have a good time :)

  8. Omg your dog is so cute :D I love that colour on you, you have such a cute style!xo

  9. I heard your car got broken into this weekend while in SF! I am so sorry to hear that! I also know Laura Hernandez Photography got her car broken in to this weekend! What a horrible thing to have happened!!


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