Thursday, May 30, 2013

Printable Craft Show Checklist

Since I just participated in a craft show, I wanted to share a bit of what my check list looks like. I generally only write down things that I could forget otherwise. My display pieces and stock are kind of a no brainer. But things like sunscreen and clothespins easily slip my mind if I don't make myself a list.

You can download a high resolution image of this check list here. Then feel free to fill in the blanks to customize it for your own needs! Enjoy! xo JA

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  1. Rianne9:43 AM

    Hi julie! Why the apron? :P

    1. Hi Rianne! Some vendors wear aprons to keep their money on them.

  2. Hi Julie Ann,

    I am going to use this puppy a lot! Thank you, I might do different fairs but it will be so usefull

  3. Great list, TFS!

  4. I sold on our farmer's market 5x a week for almost four years. I'd also recommend deodorant, sharpie markers, calculator, band-aids and neosporin or a first aid kit, anti-itch cream for bug bites, advil or excedrin, back up girly stuff like - shhh. pads and/or tampons in case of a surprise, allergy meds, safety pins, a flat tarp or large plastic in case of a freak thunderstorm and lotion. I had a huge back I'd take with me everyday and at some point or another I used everything in it.

  5. How sweet of you to share, thank you so much! It is awesome:)



  6. How useful! I've been planning on getting into craft markets so this is really timely!

  7. Thanks for this, Julie! It's so cute too!

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your checklist! I featured a link to it on Moogly this morning!


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