Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Patchwork Show

I had such a great time this weekend at the Santa Ana Patchwork show! This was my 2nd Patchwork show in this location and my 3rd Patchwork show overall, and something about it was just special. I am still relatively new to the whole local craft show scene, but I really started feeling the love from the community.
(I iron the table cloth the night before and it's still a wrinkly mess!)

I got to stop by and say hi to some of my favorite local Etsy sellers (Sass & Peril and Sweet Perversion). My booth got visits from the lovely Natalie, of Take the Cannoli, Dave from Fresh Rags, and Nikki from Delovely Details! It was really special to see familiar faces. Or hearing "I've seen you on Etsy!" "I bought this card for my boyfriend and he loved it" "I love your new stuff!"

It was just really humbling. But it was also a little sad because it's very likely it's my last show in California. Next year, I'll be moving somewhere and I will have to start all over in a new community. It's sort of a scary thought, to feel like you are building up your business's presence in an area and then leaving it hanging to venture somewhere new.

Ah well, I guess that's why it's called an adventure right?


  1. New home, new adventures, new lessons. It's fantastic (and terrifying).

  2. I am sure you will thrive in any location you are in! Your cards are beautiful.
    Almost Endearing

  3. I'm so bummed because I totally forgot the show was this weekend! Boo! Glad it went well for you!

    Xo, Courtney

  4. looks like fun!! i'm sure you'll find a great community anywhere :) you make me excited to do a craft show of my own someday!!


  5. That is so cool! I've been going to a couple of vintage and handmade fairs here in Indiana and it's always fun to visit the same vendors and see what is new in their shops. It'd be pretty cool to meet Etsy friends as well! And it's funny that you mention Sweet Perversions! I did a post a few days ago (here) that featured a bunch of Christmas cards, including one from that store.

  6. Outside show in November! I'm in Wisconsin and there is no way! :) Glad you enjoyed the show and good luck on your upcoming move.

  7. totally! I am glad it went well :).

  8. I LOVE your booth! And your cards! Are they 3 for $10 on your Etsy shop too? Great deal!

  9. I loved hearing that people saw me on etsy too :)

  10. Anonymous1:02 AM

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  11. Hello! Love your blog and your cards! I was just wondering what your overall opinion on patchwork as a show is? I'm considering applying and traveling out there from Wisconsin... a working vacation, if you will. Think it would be worth the trip (aka, did you make bank?) Keep up the excellent work :)


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