Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Advertise on Julie Ann Art in August!

It's that time of the month! I don't know about you but I'm frantically scrambling to make buttons in the correct sizes for the blogs I want to advertise on. If you are thinking of advertising your blog or business, ad spots on JAA are available now!

In the month of July, JAA has averaged 3,200+ pageviews per day, with a high day of 7,804. You can view my readership stats on my Advertising Page

Don't forget that Large sponsorships now include guest posts, along with an individual feature/giveaway! And I also offer a past sponsor discounts! Just a little thank you to those of you who have sponsored in the past! Please inquire for the promo code you can enter when purchasing through Passion Fruit Ads!

If you have any questions about advertising on Julie Ann Art, feel free to e-mail me at julie [at] julieannart.[dot] com! xo JA


  1. Hmm your advertising link connects to a Zucchini Tomato + Ham Fritatta Recipe. Delicious but not sure if this is the page you meant to link to :)

    1. Hahah what in the?! You know...just thought you might have a Fritatta craving..

      Thanks for letting me know, it's fixed!


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