Thursday, May 3, 2012

Raspberry Almond Tart

I have a light and airy dessert for you today! Perfect for summer time. This easy recipe actually came on the packaging of one of my new pie dish. It reminded me of a recipe that my Mom always used to make with our home grown raspberries (oooh how I loved those fresh raspberries). This version is more "almond-y" than I remember, but it's still a good dessert that doesn't leave you feeling full.

1 Ready-toBake Pie Crust
6 oz Raspberries
1 1/2 c Heavy Cream
1/2 Confectioner's Sugar
4 tbs Amaretto
1/2 c toasted almonds, coarsely crumbled
(I skipped the almonds, Jordan's not a huge fan)

Back the pie crust according to the package directions. Set aside to let crust cool for at least 10 minutes. Meanwhile, using an electric mixer, beat the heavy cream, confectioner's sugar and amaretto. Whip till firm peaks form. (It took me about 5 minutes.) Fold in toasted almonds. Pour the mixture onto the cooled pie crust. Arrange berries on top and enjoy!


  1. Yum! I can't wait to try this.

  2. Yumm!! This looks and sounds so so good! =)

  3. mmm this looks yummy and fresh!

  4. That looks super delicious! Yum!

  5. this looks divine... the crust of the shell... wow! it looks like flaky perfection!

  6. This looks absolutely delicious! I love raspberries and plan on buying some next time I head over to a farmer's market. This is such a great idea! :)


  7. This looks completely delicious :) ... I'm most definitely going to be trying this out soon! Thanks for the great ideas :)

  8. Anonymous4:39 PM

    clearly I need to make it for myself. I'm a raspberry addict.


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