Monday, May 21, 2012

Craft Show Display Sneak Peek

I'm down to the final countdown for my next show, less than a week left! I've been stocking up my inventory and playing with the final details of my table set up. I thought I'd share a few details of what I have so far. Any tips are appreciated!
I have always really enjoyed the rough, natural look of chalk on chalkboard so I decided to incorporate that onto some of the wooden crate walls.
I'm using the card rack Jordan made me (tutorial here) to display the majority of my cards. I added a single strand of twine to secure the cards in case it's windy. What do you think? Too distracting?
To make these signs, I sprayed wooden rectangle's I got from Michaels with chalkboard paint and glued them to safety pins. 
( DIY business card holder from this tutorial.)
I also have a few cameras as props, along with some books and mason jars. They are all things that I am drawn to if I spot them myself so maybe I can get some buyer's attention!
I picked up a wooden box at a garage sale a few weeks ago. I made it to a special Father's Day section since the show is just a few weeks before the Hallmark Etsy holiday. ;]

So I think it's coming along! I'm really excited for this show. It is only my second "real" show but I've heard it's a really good one for sellers. I have only been a buyer for the past two years. If you're near Orange County, be sure to come say hi! It's May 27th and you can get more information here.


  1. I love the card display that Jordan made and the chalkboard paint! Your display is looking awesome. I always like to add something natural to my displays. so I usually a pretty plant or succulent or bouquet of flowers...something to brighten up the space.

    Also, if it's an outdoor show, maybe bring a jar of dog cookies, so many people bring their dogs and if you can get the dog's attention then you can get their "human's" attention :).

    1. Oh yeah! Great idea and I already have some potted succulents in the yard I could probably use. :] xo

  2. Your setup looks awesome! I would totally stop at your booth! :)

  3. Hey Julie Ann, your display looks AWESOME I love the shelves!!!!

    I think the twine is a very smart idea especially if it's a windy day but I wonder if you could secure one card in front of the twine by gluing a small clothes pin to the back and clipping on the twine and have the extras tucked behind. By doing that you are not going to have cards flying away and your beautiful cards are seen in full with no visual distraction.

    Good luck can't wait to hear how it goes!

  4. Love the display and I don't think the twine distracts at all. LOVE the chalkboard sections, I think it adds a but more of YOU into the setup!

    Best of luck!

  5. in addition to dog biscuits, put out a bowl of water... the dog goes to drink, the owner follows... :)

    I don't think the twine is distracting at alL!

  6. Looks fantastic!

  7. Looks great! Good luck at the craft show!

  8. I love that you tell people what your bestsellers are! I'm curious to see if that makes folks buy more of those...

    I didn't even notice the twine, so it can't be that distracting, ha ha.

  9. It's looking good! I like the natural stuff. Good luck.

  10. I love this! I SO wish I could come see in person (stupid Memorial Day travel plans!). Good luck!

  11. Such fantastic ideas! I'm sure you're going to do awesome, and the twine going across the cards isn't distracting at all...especially because both the twine and the cards are white.

  12. What an adorable display! I bought two cards from you and I was very pleased :) you are very talented and I love to read your blog :)

  13. these are, to a t, the things within a display that would IMMEDIATELY catch my attention. just lovely! your talent seems unending! xo.

  14. Love your set up! Especially the card holder (and I like how you photographed the "You're my favorite Husband" card). I've been wanting to make something similar for my cards, might have to check out that tutorial. The chalk boards go so well with the wood. I have thought about wooden boxes to display but never thought of doing the chalkboard on the inside cover...thanks for the inspiration ;)
    Good luck with the show! Wish I wasn't so far away, I'd definitely be there (probably buying one of everything lol).

  15. I love how personal you made your display. I've seen some really boring displays and yours definitely seems like it'll draw people in! :)

  16. Know what's funny? I have that EXACT instamatic camera and I use it (along with a few other vintage cameras) as part of my table display too! (and I also use wood displays such as two old painter boxes!)


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