Friday, March 23, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Blue Room Gems

Today I'm so happy to introduce you to Jen, of Blue Room Gems! She sells some gorgeous jewelry on Etsy. It's so hard for me to find jewelry that suits me, but I just love the delicate look of Jen's work!
It all began at a small table in my blue dining room. I spent hours wire wrapping beautiful gemstones into jewelry to share with friends and family. What began as a hobby quickly bloomed into full-fledged passion. All of this creative energy actually came as a surprise to me, you see, I have always been more of a jock than an artist. I spent my childhood playing sports and went on to study, then practice, physical therapy. But once the artist flame was lit, there was no extinguishing it.
Blue Room Gems is my humble attempt to create something delicate and pretty in an environment completely dominated by boys. I am married to a military man and have 3 young sons, so to say my life can get hectic is an understatement! It is my therapy, my creative outlet, and my way of sharing a piece of myself with the world.
In my studio, I surround myself with beautiful gemstones, gold, and silver to create elegant, sophisticated jewelry. I love the versatility of simple designs that can be worn everyday or for a special occasion. It is my hope that each piece will be worn for years to come.

Be sure to pay her links a visit!
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P.S. The winner to the Faville Photo 11x14 Canvas Print was announced here and the winner to the March Double giveaway was announced here! Congratulations to the winners!


  1. Her jewelry is so gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a lovely set of jewellery. very inspiring xx

  3. Thank you so much Julie Ann for such a lovely post!



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