Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend In Instagrams

This weekend we headed to Long Beach for my work's holiday party.
It was at the Long Beach Aquarium! I had never been there so I was really excited.
We saw lots of jellies!
Had some fun bubble time with Penny.
Made fancy grilled cheese with Gruyere and grilled onions. SO good!
Enjoyed some delicious Bloody Mary's. (Do you like them? It took me a while to!)
It was a beautiful weekend! :]

I have a big announcement coming up! I've been keeping this in for a while now and the details are now finalized. I can't wait to share!


  1. Looks like you had a good weekend! I love aquariums, and jellyfish are one of my favorite animals (if not my favorite) to see when I visit. And a fancy grilled cheese? That sounds good on a rainy day like this.

  2. A few days ago, my husband suggested that we go to the LB aquarium soon! Small world :) The jelly fish photo looks awesome!

  3. your announcement sounds exciting! I could kill for some fancy grilled cheese right now! Yum!

  4. How fun! :) We should beove instagram. love instagram. Can't wait for your announcement! Literally, I don't think I can wait. haha!

  5. Long Beach, my second home. I miss it so much! Isn't the Aquarium great? Though I have to say when we went we were fooled into believing they had actual whales, not the things hanging from the ceiling lol!

  6. looks like an amazing weekend! can't wait to hear your big news :)

  7. Great photos! Grilled cheese with gruyere? Sounds friggin amazing. :)

    xx Jessica


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