Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts

I'm so happy to have participated in the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts gift swap by Much Love, Illy and Sandy A La Mode. I got paired up with the awesome Krista, of Saturated Canary! She sent me the cutest package filled with goodies! My absolute favorite is the cream legwarmers. I love legwarmers but regrettably, don't wear them too often. I can't wait to pair these with a cute dress!
Plus Krista included some of her adorable art!! How precious is this little girl?? You can find more of her artwork here. Thank you so much Krista! You can see what I got her here.

This was such a great idea because not only do you get a thoughtful gift out of it, but you make a new blog friend! I definitely plan to participate next year. Be sure to follow Illy and Sandy to find out when the next one is!


  1. What fantastic goodies! This was such a fun swap, wasn't it :)

  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    This sounds like such a great and fun idea! :) Looks like you got a bunch of goodies :b


  3. so cool! I will have to do the next one! : )

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE your package girl!! the art is adorable!! thanks for participating!! :D

  5. Awesome legwarmers! I love anything knit in a cream color- pretty!

  6. Those are some really cute goodies! Leg warmers?! Love!! I love this swap. Meeting new people, giving thoughtful gifts, finding new blog. So much fun. :)

  7. what an amazinngggg gift package! I love her blog SATURATED CANARY TOO. So blessed by all this good stuff going around. Makes my heart smile.



  8. okay so this continues to blow my mind! this swap pairing was randomly done - but talking about a match! you both are super cool, so i'm super glad you got each other! thanks for joining in the fun, girl!

  9. Ohhh jealous of the legwarmers...I want to try to wear them more this season...

    Great artwork.


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