Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DIY Halloween Decorations

I put up the first of our Halloween decorations this weekend and Jordan said "Isn't it too early for Halloween decorations?" Um, NO! (IS it too early? It's not too early right?) I had picked up a few cute pumkins at the store but I really want to make some decorations myself. I starting searching the internet and there are so many cute, fun, EASY ideas out there!
Making these is just like my Candle Votive tutorial, but with black lace!
Creating shocking silhouettes with these free printable templates from Martha!
LOVE this Spooky burlap table runner! Great tutorial!
How fun is this edible table centerpiece?
Repurpose your food tin cans and turn them into jack-o-lanterns!
Follow this tutorial and use cookie cutters to carve pumpkins.
I loooove carving pumpkins (and making pumpkin seeds afterwards)! Last year I made this skull and crossbones on mine. If you don't think you have the drawing skills to free-hand a design on your pumpkin, you can find a ton of free downloadable Pumpking Carving Templates here.

I hope these inspire you to get crafty with your Halloween decorations this year! I have a few more ideas up my sleeve I think I'm going to give a try as well. Don't worry, I'll be sure to share!


  1. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!

  2. Melissa4:17 PM

    I love all of them! Especially those lace candles. Classy and spooky all at once. :)

  3. It's never too early for Halloween decorations. Cute finds!! ^.^

  4. amazing! love it.

  5. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I loooove the little candy centerpiece - if i had the time i'd make a bunch for trick&treaters :)

  6. I'm pretty sure I could have Halloween decorations out all year.

  7. It is absolutely NOT too early!

  8. I love the shadows with the pumpkin and cat! Very cool!

  9. What did you do with the pumpkin seeds??

    1. Baked them! I loooove pumpkin seeds. :]

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  11. It's not exactly Halloween at the moment but I came across this post and I just love the lacy candle holders!


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