Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Yellow + Grey Love

I'm in the market for a new bedding set. I've been looking all over online but can't seem to find something that will work. Our bedroom furniture is a dark brown. And we have a large painting that Jordan made hanging over the bed, and it's mainly red and yellow. (If anyone has any color suggestions for a comforter that would be great.) Anyways, in my search of bedding that would work with the colors in our room (and that we BOTH like), I was reminded of my love for the yellow and grey color combo.
Not just the color combo but how amazing is this headboard
Such a cool necklace. I love the touch of turquoise.
Set of fun ties for a wedding with yellow and grey colors.
I love the leave pattern on this clutch.
How awesome are these chairs?
Am I wrong or is this color combination adorable? What's your favorite color combo?


  1. What a pretty color combo!

    Right now I seem to have a thing for purple/aqua... or aqua/pink... I think it's because it's so hot out - I crave cool colors ;)

  2. I am super loving this colour combination - but yellow things for the house seem to be so hard to find at the moment!

  3. im actually working on an album right now that is yellow and silver! It is my fave combo... and I loooove that clutch!

  4. Yellow is my favorite!

  5. love it! i like yellow too beside green. :)

    love simple green

  6. in LOVE with that headboard. way too cool.

    found you on EBT.

    great finds! good luck on your hunt. did you try west elm........that's where If found our duvet and pillow cases....in grey no less.

  7. Yellow and grey do look so good together! And, that headboard....fantastic!! I LOVE it!

  8. i love yellow and grey! that necklace is so lovely :)

  9. I love the bed...adorable!

  10. Yellow and gray is a great combo- those were my wedding colors ;)

    My current bedroom is gray and orange. I'm sure whatever you decide, it'll look great!

  11. Anonymous4:40 PM

    I love your blogs!!! I love that color combo. I also like pink and grey:)

  12. Anonymous10:38 AM

    My bathroom is actually yellow/gray with a little black. I was sort of taken aback when I moved in (it's an apartment and the tile was already there), but I've really grown to love it - and I've been surprised by how easy it was to find accessories that coordinate well with it.

  13. Anonymous2:53 PM

    That's the color combo I used for my Christmas cards this year! Gorge!

  14. love this combo - yellow and gray.. pinned it to my boards to remember where I found it. Thanks


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