Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Facts Friday

It's Friday! Too bad a.) I have to work tomorrow and b.) I'm sick! :[ I made some homemade chicken noodle soup last night but that did not do the trick. I'm hoping to get lots of rest this weekend because I want to be in top shape for my trip home in less than a week! Which brings me to Five Facts Friday.

1.) When I was 24 I made the move from Michigan to California. I was basically just at that point in my life where I needed a change. I knew if I didn't move anywhere then, I probably never would.

2.) After literally years and years of contemplating and designing and brainstorming...I still don't have a tattoo. But I still want a tattoo. Will I ever go through with it? I honestly don't know.

3.) I want to go back to Hawaii and take more pictures like this. It only took like 47 tries to get it right. (It's ok, he's a good kisser.)

4.) I have never felt so motivated and passionate about my business. I've always enjoyed what I do but in the past few months this drive has taken over me. It's the most refreshing feeling.

5.) I make To-Do lists every day. Every day. I get so much satisfaction out of being productive. I guess it's a good thing but my obsessed list making still makes me feel like a nerd.

I have a really great giveaway for next week! Want a hint? It's clothing!! And don't forget to enter this week's yummy giveaway!


  1. I like your 5 facts Friday! What a fun and interesting idea!

    Newest Follower,

    P.S. I am jealous of your underwater kissing shot :) That is on my list now of things to try and do!

  2. Great photo! I recently blogged about desperately wanting an underwater camera.
    Which one are you using?
    I was thinking about giving one of these disposable ones a try, just for fun, but I'm worried about the quality.

  3. Love this post, and that pic is wonderful! Your etsy shop looks great!
    Happy weekend! xxx

  4. Love your picture!!

  5. Such a romantic and beautiful picture! Really enjoyed her five facts. I should go back to making to-do lists since they did help motivate me.

  6. I love to do lists too! I always enjoy your friday fact posts. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I have to make to do list everyday as well! If I don't I feel lost


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