Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Facts Friday

I thought Five Facts Friday would be a good way to help you guys get to know me! Some of my favorite blogs are personal, lifestyle blogs that really make you feel like you know the blogger. Making blogger friends is so important in this business. I don't want my difficulty of talking about myself to hold me back from that. So here are today's five facts!

1. I'm an only child. Although when I was younger I used to tell people I had an older brother named Michael.

2. I'm super shy. It's really hard for me to be myself around new people.

3. I finished up my degree in Photography with an internship at Martha Stewart Living. This was during her tethered ankle days. (She had no shame in it and wore capris to show it off.)

4. I want red hair. Bright red. But obviously it will probably look awful so I'm chicken.

5. The "coolest" pet I had as a kid was a guinea pig. They now have a special place in my heart. My kids will never have hamsters.

Happy Friday! Have a good weekend! :]


  1. GREAT post... love the Martha Stewart story and love those pics of you. :) Come see me! Orangies Attic

  2. I want bright red hair too!! but feel I'm getting to old to properly sport it. But I think it would look awesome on you. Maybe try a few bright red streaks to ease into it ;)

  3. I loved reading these little facts about you. So cool that you did your internship at M.S. Living! And I love bright red hair too. My little sister rocks it every summer (she's a teacher and feels like it's too much for the school year ;)).


  4. Hello from your newest follower - I adore your blog!



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