Sunday, March 27, 2011

Handmade + Thrifted + Vintage

Decorating our new place has been such a big part of my life for the past couple months. At first, I didn't know where to start. I had a completely blank canvas, with no color schemes, no plans, no theme. All I knew was that I wanted as much handmade, vintage and/or thrifted items as possible. While we still have a far ways to go, the house is definitely coming together.
My favorite part of the house is the turquoise accent wall in our kitchen. There was a tiny battle with my boyfriend in Home Depot to get him to feel ok with the bright color, but now he likes it. :] I started collecting vintage pieces on Etsy to decorate our Ikea shelf. My boyfriend got the old washboard at a house in Big Bear Mountain, California. Not sure if you've seen the show American Pickers but this house should've been on that show.
I found an old letter organizer at a thrift store. It was brown wood and pretty beat up. I made it a project to sand out the rough edges and repaint it white. It's perfect for our mail, and now I always know where my keys will be when I think I lost them!
I used a vintage tray to place an orchid flower on as our kitchen table centerpiece. The salt and pepper shakers are also vintage, from the 1950s.
An amazing old illustration hangs above our stove. We found it at a garage sale in our neighborhood. The turquoise mason jar was a lucky find at the local thrift store.
You can find this adorable spoon rest here.
The chalkboard wall decal has been a fun addition to our home. It's great to make grocery lists on, to-do lists, or just leave messages to one another. I got it from Braden's Grace. I searched Etsy a great deal before deciding on screen printed dish towels from Urban Posture. The yellow birch one hangs in our kitchen, and I also have some black woodgrain ones in our bathroom.

I'm going to save the outdoor photos for another post. The rest of my day is going to be spent grilling up some dinner and relaxing. Happy lazy Sunday!


  1. Fabulous! Thank you for including us (UrbanPosture). You're kitchen looks great and it has our favorite color in it... we call it UrbanPosture Blue to be silly. :)

  2. I absolutely love the accent wall! Turqoise is one of my favorite colors, so that is awesome! Your dining table is cute too, is it from Ikea?? I am looking for one!

    Livy Love

  3. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel

  4. Diana, YES the table is from Ikea! However, I actually found mine on Craigslist. I feel pretty lucky because I really love it. :]

  5. dig the dish towels and s/p shakers!

  6. Anonymous7:15 PM

    What is the name of your paint colour? Looks awesome!


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