Monday, March 21, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

My latest style crush is feather hair extensions!
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I got my first one this past weekend and I'm in love. It's seriously the fastest, easiest way to change up your hair without doing something permanent. If you are some one who often feels like your hair needs a change, but don't want to go through the commitment (or trouble) of bleaching/dying/redying, I highly recommend feather extensions. I got mine done at a salon and it was so simple (and quick!) that I'm going to pick up a feather extensions starter kit so I can play at home. You can also find feathers of all different lengths, colors and styles on Etsy. Have fun!


  1. I've seen this on a couple of blogs this morning and I totally want to do it! Now I have to find someone who will put them in for me! :)

  2. It only took the hair stylist a couple minutes to do mine. I searched online for some tutorials and now I think I'm ready to try it on myself! :]

  3. This is a perfect hair style for you which suites you and gives you a pretty look. Hair extensions will present a healthier, younger more vibrant looking you.

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